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La Croix Rouge

La Salle – Brest

La Croix Rouge – La Salle

Devoted to the de La Salle tradition of education started by J.B. de La Salle, all the schools belonging to La Croix Rouge La Salle network have always been open to everyone.

We try our best to help young people live together in harmony despite their differences. Our goal is to help every student succeed so that each one of them may find their place in the working world and in our society as a whole.
Over the last few years, we have tried to be even more efficient by being open on the life and culture of other countries. Our school has organized cultural exchanges and trips abroad, at all levels.
We have started partnerships with schools and firms in foreign countries. Many of our students have done their work experience abroad and we have welcome foreign students to our schools. Being open to countries worldwide is not our only objective.
We also seek to create structures enabling our educational community to be in constant development.



Our school is located in Brest city center, about 2,5 kilo-meters from the trairt/TGV station and a 15 minute drive from Guipavas international airport. It is also served by several bus lines.

The school itself is divided in :

  • 6 primary schools and nursery schools
  • 1 junior school (800 students)
  • 1 high school (1300 students) 1 vocational school (650 students)
  • 1 further education department ( 500 students) And a 330 teacher staff.

La Croix Rouge-La Salle is a Catholic Lasallian school whose educational methods follow the principles of Jean-Baptiste de La Salle and belongs to the intematio-nal Lasallian schools network.
Our motto is to educate the young people on equal basis.


Introducing our city : Brest

Brest is one of France’s historic ports, a city surrounded by eight communes composing Brest’s Urban Community.
Brest is a modern and dynamic city located in the westernmost part of Brittany among unique natural surroundings.
It is easily accessible by air, train or car Entirely rebuilt after the second World War, Brest has a charm of its own thanks to its famous marina (water-sports are highly developed), its unique Ocean Discovery Park (with its thematic pavilions devoted to marine life) and of course its surrounding beaches.
The remains of its historic part still linger around its castle overlooking river Penfeld. Brest is also famous for its commercial port, its shipyards and arsenal where warships are built and repaired.
More than 215 000 inhabitants live in Brest Urban Community today : it is the second largest city in Brittany. Brest enjoys a mild marine west coast climate with moderate tempera-ture changes.